BoardingWe happily offer boarding services here at Animal Care Center of Topeka for Topeka, KS and the surrounding communities.

We do our best to run a high-quality boarding service. It is our goal to make sure our patients receive the highest quality care and cleanliness while they are here.

As animal lovers, we know how hard it can be to leave your beloved pets, even if you are going on a nice vacation. We hope you know your pets will be well taken care of. Our whole staff treats each pet as our own. Our staff is highly trained and professional.

If you have any special requirements for your pets, please let us know. It is our goal to keep your pets happy and comfortable while in our care, so we make sure we feed your pets the way they are used to. We also make sure that every pet has plenty of fresh water available at all times.

You are always welcome to set up a time to visit our hospital and see our boarding facility. While you are here, we will be able to discuss our policies and answer all of your questions.

Don’t hesitate to contact us today with any of your questions or concerns. We can also set up an appointment for you to see our facility if you are interested.