Birds (Avian Medicine)Here at Animal Care Center of Topeka, we are proud to offer avian medicine.

We know how hard it can be to find a veterinarian and staff who are willing to take care of avian patients. Because of this, we would be happy to care for all of your feathered friends.

Our entire staff loves birds and is dedicated to caring for your beloved pets. We will do everything that we can to give them a good visit. Our entire staff is skilled at restraining birds so that no one will get hurt.

Our staff is also very knowledgeable about the correct care of birds. All our staff members are able to answer questions and are ready to discuss any concerns you may have. They are here for you so that your birds live long and healthy lives.

Our veterinarians also understand how birds function. They know all about the different diseases that can affect birds, including their diagnosis and treatment. They know that birds are different than other pets, and they are dedicated to giving your birds the treatment they need.

If you have any questions about avian medicine, don’t hesitate to contact us today at (785) 232-2205.